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Running Board

Running Board

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6 1/2" width.

Price is PER linear inch.

Please measure the longest point on your running board (the side that touches the trailer).

Select the placement from the drop down menu and then enter the length of inches as the quantity.  You may also select "RAW" if you would prefer just a raw piece of the material without the angle cut and the caps welded on.  This "RAW" cut will include the end caps with it, you will just have to weld them on.

This item may take up to 21 Business days before it is shipped since it is an in house built item.

**Additional shipping may apply if length of running board is over 96". 

**An additional overlength fee will be applied to running boards over 144".  

If you would like to avoid additional shipping charges for overlength running boards, we can cut your running board to 84" lengths and you will just need to weld the pieces together when received.  If this is what you would like to do, please put "CUT TO SHIP GROUND" in the order notes.  

***Can be used on other brands of trailers***

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