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Gas Shock

Gas Shock

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Gas Shocks are available in:

7 1/2" - Extra small Gas Shock - 29lbs output force. The gas shock for the fold down step is used to help the step fold up and down.  This is also used in the overhead aluminum cabinets and glove dryer boxes in the sports model trailers.

10 1/2" - Aluminum wardrobe cabinet shock - 40lbs output force.  This gas shock is used only on our aluminum wardrobe cabinets.

12 1/2″ - Saddle Rack Gas Shock - 153lbs. output force. This gas shock is found above the saddle rack and is used to help the rack swing open and close.

20 1/2" - Man/Tack Room Door Gas Shock - 20lbs. output force. Standard door shock used to allow smooth opening and closing of your man/tack room door.

28" - Hay Pod Gas Shock - 200lbs. output force. This is used on 6' long hay pods.

28" - Hay Pod Gas Shock - 250lbs. output force. This is used on 8' long or longer hay pods.


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