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Divider Pads

Divider Pads

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Divider pads are priced per linear inch.

For example: if you need a pad that is 12" tall and 72" long, it would be $1.50 X 72 = $108.

A pad that is 20" tall and 48" long would be $1.50 X 48" = $72.

The price will include the black plastic rivets to install.

PLEASE ENTER THE LENGTH OF PAD(S) NEEDED IN THE QUANTITY BOX. For example if you need a pad that is 12" tall by 72" long, please put 72 in the quantity box and then in the "Special notes for your order" at "Checkout", specify the size needed, 12" x 72".

If you need multiple pads, enter the TOTAL number of linear inches in the QUANTITY box and then at "Checkout", type in the "Special notes for your order" box what each pad size needs to be. For example: If you need two pads at 12"x24" and one pad at 14"x18", you would put 66 in the quantity box. Then when you check out, in the special instructions box put 'Two - 12"x24", One - 14"x18"'.

Larger sizes will incur an over sized shipping charge (Typically pads over 84" in length). We will call for additional shipping payment IF your pad requires this.

There is also a PAD KIT available to avoid the over sized shipping charges. This KIT would include enough vinyl, foam, and install buttons to make up to a 20" x 110" pad. You will just need to find the backing board to build it. For this option, only select the number of kits you would like in the quantity box. Do not put the length of the pad you need in the quantity box if ordering this kit.

*This is only available in black*

May take up to 5 days before it is shipped since these are built to order.

*Can be used on other brands of trailers*

Please email with any questions!

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