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Exterior fold down steps

Exterior fold down steps

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This is an exterior fold down step that attaches directly to the trailer. This step does not mount to the running board. (That step is the Fold over aluminum step listed below). There is a driver's side and passenger side. Please choose which side is needed. The steps are not interchangeable on sides.

There is an exterior fold-down step that is used primarily on our sports haulers. This step is made to fit the angle of the dovetail at the rear of sports hauler trailers. The step measures, including mounting plate: 40" x 13 1/2"x 3 1/2". This can be used on other models of trailers.

There is a fold over aluminum step that mounts to the running board of horse trailers. It measures including mounting bracket: 36" x 9" x 4". 

There is an option to just replace the L-shaped bracket on this step. The bracket will have to be welded on. The ball stud must be purchased separately.

Each step comes with all the mounting hardware for installation. 


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